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Dan Geiger MS, Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapist / Hypnotist - Billings, Montana USA
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Special Programs

 Inner Spirit Hypnotherapy© can be used for many physical, mental and emotional problems. 

These special programs have been developed specifically for:

Eating Disorders
Create natural eating habits and patterns that will allow you to maintain your ideal size, weight and shape while maximizing your health.

Children and Adolescents
Hyperactivity and attention deficit are becoming common place. There is another alternative beside medication.

Natural Weight Loss

Natural weight loss is just that, a natural

process of losing weight. This is the opposite 

of dieting where eating behavior is changed

for a short time to loose a substantial amount

of weight. This rapid weight loss is usually not permanent and weight is regained when old

eating habits are resumed. This can be harmful to your health.

Loosing weight by creating new and natural

eating habits results in a gradual and

permanent weight loss. This allows you

to become aware of your eating habits rather

than eating with little awareness of how much

or what you are eating. Most weight gain is

connected to bad eating habits or emotional attachment to food.

More important this program resolves the reason you have gained weight. When you 

lose the reason then you will lose the weight. 

Untying your emotional attachment to food

will result will be a lifetime of enjoying food,

having  good nutrition and maintaining your

ideal size, weight and shape.



Natural Child Birth

Makes childbirth a pleasant and stress free experience for both the mother and the baby. Works well with all types of delivery from

traditional hospital to in-home midwife.

Creates confidence in motherhood and infant

care providing a healthy environment for the

mother, baby and other family members. 

Spouses, significant other's and other family members can be included in the process.



Sport Enhancement

Mental clarity and focus are major factors in

playing sports at a professional level. This

program uses visualization and the power of 

the subconscious mind to allow you to perform

at your highest capacity. This is a similar 

method used by the US Olympic Team and 

many professional athletics.

Specific Sports that Benefit

  • Golf
  • Bowling
  • Skiing
  • Team Sports
(Programs are tailored for any sport)




The Reason for Struggling with Addictions.

There are hundreds of addictions from food, drugs, alcohol, shopping, work etc. Some sound benign and harmless but when they are destructive to our health or lives they need to be addressed.
There is a popular belief that addictions are a disease and you will have this disease for the rest of your life and there is no cure for this disease. Like any other disease addictions can be healed or cured. We use substances for different reasons.

  • Chemical Imbalance
  • Unresolved Issues from the Past
  • Distorted Beliefs
  • Poor Coping Abilities with Life

Once these issues are addressed in hypnotherapy then there is no longer a need to use substances. If you ask people who have quit addictions or no longer use if they miss it or think about it you will get two answers:
The first group will tell you, "I think about it everyday and if I go back just once I'll be hooked again.
The second group will tell you, "I haven't thought about it for months or years until you mentioned it." This is where you want to be with the addiction not being part of your life; physically, mentally or emotionally.

Letting go of Tobacco Completely

The key to letting go of tobacco (cigarettes and chew) is to move away from it.

This process is permanent whereby simply stopping cold turkey usually does not last. This takes but a few short days or weeks and allows you to avoid nicotine withdrawal symptoms, thus patches and gum are not required.


This process allows you to eliminate the reason you are smoking or chewing and then you will easily let go of the habit. If you are still a smoker and are just are not using cigarettes or chew you will pick it up again, this is why we can stop for a time but then start again. Have you ever stopped and were fighting it the entire time?

When the four reasons (see above) of why we are using tobacco or any other substance are addressed then there is no longer a need to use the substance.


Alcohol and Gambling and Other Addictions

Uses the same process used in the Letting Go of Tobacco program while addressing the four reasons we use substances.



Co-Dependency is simply an addiction to people, places or things. It usually results in in dysfunctional relationships and chaotic and abusive living situations. Recovery from a co-dependent lifestyle is very hopeful.

Eliminating Pain

While pain is very real there is still a way to control and eliminate pain while still protecting your health. While the reason for pain may start out as a natural reaction to injury or other causes once it serves its purpose to protect us from further injury there is no longer a need for it.

The reason pain continues, increases or becomes chronic is addressed and resolved in the therapy, unlike medications which simply treat the symptoms.

It is not unusual to reduce the level of pain from a level of 7 and higher to 0 during the first session.

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

Resolve old and new effects of trauma including hyper-vigilance. Ideal for veterans.