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Dan Geiger MS, Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapist / Hypnotist - Billings, Montana USA
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can anyone be hypnotized?

A: No. During hypnotherapy our minds are focused and thus we have more control and will protect ourselves, e.g. if there is a fire in the office you will automatically get up and leave.

Q: Will I compromise my morals, values and beliefs?

A: No. In hypnotherapy it is impossible to make anyone compromise their morals, values and beliefs.

Q: Can a hypnotherapist make me do things I don't want to do?

A: No. With hypnotherapy the cause of the symptom is removed and thus the symptom is no longer needed to tell us something is wrong. A simple example: if you have a wood sliver in your finger the symptom is pain and swelling to alert us of the problem. If you remove the sliver the sub-conscious mind heals the wound nicely and the symptoms go away as they are no longer needed. The same is true for emotional slivers we receive from negative events in our lives. These create symptoms such as head aches, depression, high blood pressure etc. but once they are removed the symptoms go away. Hypnotherapy safely and painlessly removes these emotional slivers and then the symptoms are no longer needed.

Q: Is it possible to be stuck in a trance?

A: No. On the contrary is is no more dangerous then day dreaming, meditation or being focused on a project. During this time we protect ourselves from negative thoughts and influences.

Q: What is a session like?

A: You will sit in a comfortable chair with relaxing music playing in the background. After a period of time you will find a level of relaxation where you are comfortable. I will not try to talk you down deeper then you want to go. Once you are relaxed I will talk to your sub-conscious mind, and allow it to correct anything that is causing problems. You don't have to do anything but relax; there is no pressure to perform.

Q: How is hypnotherapy different from counseling or traditional psychotherapy?

A: During hypnotherapy your subconscious mind does all the work. During counseling the therapist asks difficult and painful questions about your past and tries to bring those painful events in your life to a conscious level to heal them. This can be a very difficult and painful process to realize the unpleasant things in our lives before they are healed. With hypnotherapy the event is healed at a deep level without anxiety or pain.

Q: Can I really get rid of fear and phobias?

A: Yes. Hypnotherapy is very effective in removing a very wide angle of fears and phobias.

Q: Can I let go of an addiction I have had for many years?

A: Yes, there is much hope for this situation. Your subconscious mind works on a very powerful level to allow you to move away from this addiction permanently.

Q: Can you find relief for physical problems?
Yes, physical problems are usually symptoms of stress or other causes.

Q: Is hypnotherapy different from hypnosis?
Yes, hypnotherapy works at removing and resolving the root of the problem rather then minimizing the symptoms.