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Dan Geiger MS, Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapist / Hypnotist - Billings, Montana USA
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About Hypnotherapy using Inner Spirit Therapy©

While practicing traditional psychotherapy or counseling for 25 years I always felt that therapy did not have to be a painful process and a substantial investment in time and money.
In 1998 I discovered the effectiveness of hypnotherapy and developed Inner Spirit Therapy©

Unlike traditional psychotherapy or counseling it does not require self disclosure and offers dramatic results in weeks rather than months or years. Usually 2-5 sessions are sufficient. It is a calming experience that literally anyone can go through. You don't have to wonder what to do or not do, I will guide you through the whole process. You will still be aware of your surrounding and in control of the situation.
Dan Geiger MS Hypnotherapist

What is a session like?

Inner Spirit Therapy©  is safe effective hypnotherapy. During the process you are in a relaxed state but aware of your  surroundings.     

You are in control of the process.  

You will be able to see, understand  and make  important  changes in your life by using the power of the sub-conscious mind. If you are tired of talking about your problems with no change in your life this is a refreshing new and effective solution.

Individuals report the session as  being a calm safe place  that immediately dissolves stress away with no pressure to perform.

Number of Sessions and Rates

Usually 2 - 5 sessions are sufficient.

A session takes approximately one hour. This relaxing technique will allow your subconscious mind to make lasting improvements in the way you approach life.
Cost per session: $90.00
Sliding scale available for those with limited resources. 

Client Testimonials
For the past 20 years I been in hospital for severe depression many time. In 2011 when Dan was in Beijing teaching a course on hypnotherapy  I had the chance to meet him. After he return to US we did therapy session by telephone. After three months I was able to go lower  on my medication and eventually after six months go off completely. Now I never feel better in all my life and have no depression without medication. My psychiatrist is very surprised to see me so well.
                                                                                     Wei - Beijing

As I moved into my 70's I felt my memory failing and frustrated over doing simple things. Since doing just five session I not only have better clarity, focus and organization but I don't get so easily flustered in stressful situations. I especially notice this when driving in unfamiliar areas.                             Debbie - Victoria, BC 

Client Testimonials

"I had almost given up. My physical health was failing and my mental well being almost lost. I had no idea of who I was or what had happened to me.  My health has returned and my husband is happy to have his wife back again. I feel like I found myself. "                                                     MA - Portland Or

"For the first time in years I finally feel like myself again."
DK -  Billings, MT

"I've been on a diet since I was 9 years old (43 years) and have never been able to lose weight until now and I'm not fighting it anymore."
LD -  Billings, MT

"I had given up hope of ever regaining my health until now. After 3 months I feel I recovered the greater part of  the my health."
RG -  London

"After 16 years I'm happy again. I wish I could explain it but it feels wonderful. The process was a joy.                                                            AH - Vancover BC
"Depression has always been a part of my family and I just thought that would have to be part of my life too. With Inner Spirit Therapy it didn't have to be. "
CM - Singapore
"I have tried to quit smoking a dozen times over the past 20 years and nothing worked. After a few weeks with Inner Spirit Therapy cigarettes are no longer a part of  my life.                      WR - Billings, MT
"After suffering with chronic back pain for three years and seeing a half a dozen doctors and trying several pain medications  I am finally pain free and have returned to work. "
FJ  -  Billings , MT